Thursday, October 10, 2019

New tips Memory card is bad, make use of this trick okay

New tips Memory card is bad, make use of this trick okay

Using a memory card to keep your mobile data, including personal data, to save the mobile, but if your memory card gets worse, what we are going to tell you today is that the bad memory card can be fixed in this way.

The main reason mobile memory is bad is a mobile phone. When browsing the smartphone or while downloading a third part app, the memory card becomes even worse with the mobile when the virus comes. It is believed that the reason for the memory card being bad is Android because Android smartphones easily get the virus.

  • Well done Memory card:

First, connect a computer or a laptop to your memory card, which can be connected using a card reader. After which press Ctrl + R Now open the window which will open the CMD and press Enter. Now add the name of your memory card.

-If the memory card's name is L: then type L: and enter. After that enter the format L: and press enter. Now you will get a confirmation message, for yes and enter N for no. On clicking Y, your memory card will start formatting and after that your memory card will be fixed.

- Let's say, only memory card will be okay, no data will be returned. In this case, save the cell data in the memory card beforehand in your computer or laptop.


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