Monday, October 7, 2019

Send a message to Whatsapp and know Bank Balance, this is the way

Most people use WhatsApp to share photos, videos and messages, but now these app users will be able to take advantage of different backing facilities.  In order to use the banking service, users have to make a missed call from their register number to the bank number.

Let you know that this number will be different from the bank  A missed call means that the user will allow the bank to start this service on WhatsApp.  After that, WhatsApp users can get information like debit card or credit card, FD, loan and bank statement on their phone.  You can get the WhatsApp number of your bank from the official website of the bank.  Users can get information about any bank in their credit card through WhatsApp.

For this, users can send a message by writing the last four digits of their card along with the credit card number.  After some time users will get a message on how much money the credit card has.  In addition, users can also get information about fixed deposits.  Users will not have to pay any kind of charge to the bank for this service.

This service will relieve users of the problems associated with the banking service.  At the same time, the banking process has simplified the banking process.  If the user's mobile is stolen, you can close the banking service through an e-mail.  The WhatsApp baking service is safe because its data is not disclosed to anyone else.


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