Friday, November 15, 2019


૧. The Government of India has launched a 5% Central Affiliated “Prime Minister's Caucus Respect Fund” scheme to help farmers and marginal farmers as part of increasing farmers' income.

૨. The farmers' need for procurement of fertilizers can be met so that the farmers can seize their crops and earn a decent income at the end of poisoning through the production.

૩. With this scheme, farmers will be protected against the future crop of private heirs for their agricultural expenses.

In the event of a transfer of ownership rights from the landowner to the landowner without assistance, the benefit of any new land holder may not be eligible for this benefit. Land holders registered as land holders in the period from 6.1.3 to 3.3.15 shall be eligible to benefit from the registration date on land acquisition period in Kinland Records, such cases where purchase, inheritance, annuity, gift due for reasons including gift. In the case of transfer of ownership of land in the period from 3.3.1 to 3.3.1, financial matters should be paid for the first installment of 1-2. .31.03.2019 four months from the date of transfer to Ta symmetric pramanamaum benefits for the duration of the Union principles thasa

Eligibility for benefit of the scheme (a) A farmer with high financial status as indicated in the scheme shall be eligible for benefit. (B-3) Institutional land holders (b-1) Land holders include any one or more of the KJOs of the farming family;

૧. Persons with all the designated positions in the present and present. Current and pastoral minister / state level minister, current and present member of Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha / Assembly, mayor and current president of the current and second consecutive municipal corporation. Servicing and Respondents (All) - All autonomous and relevant institutions of Central and State Government

Ministries / Offices / Departments and all Regional Enterprises, Central and State Government-owned enterprises, Central and State Government entities. / Excluding Year-1 / Group-D) All Officers, Commissions 1. All the age group B-3/8 are Pensioners / Pensioners who have a monthly salary of Rs. Receiving a pension of Rs. 1 / - or more (Multi Tasking Staff / Year-1 / Group-D).

Income Tax paid by the taxpayer for the last assessment. Practitioners such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, real estate accountants and architects who are registered with the practitioner and practiced in practice. The applicant will be required to determine his eligibility as a beneficiary by applying for non-eligibility list.


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