free malshe anaj by gujarat sarkar

Lockdown free food to 60 million poor families

When the country is in lockdown due to the corona virus, people are having a hard time getting food and drink.  So, the Gujarat government has announced that from 1st April, there will be free distribution of food to 6 lakh ration card holder families through fair rate shops in the state.  Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, after meeting in Gandhinagar, said that the scheme is aimed at helping those who are dependent on daily living wages and poor people who do not buy April grain.

An additional 300 million people will be given free grains

 Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that free food (food items like wheat, rice, pulses and sugar) would be provided to the poorer families or 3.25 lakh people in the state.

 The scheme will begin on April 1st

 Starting on April 1st, each family will be given one and a half kilograms of wheat, one and half kilograms of rice, one kilo of lentils, one kilo of sugar and salt.  There have been 38 cases of corona virus in the state, in which one person has been killed.

There will be no shortage of essential goods

 Chief Minister Vijay Rupani said that no arrangement has been made to ensure that there is no shortage of supplies or distribution of essential goods in any place in the state.  Gujarat has more than 53 thousand quintals of vegetables daily.  It consists mainly of green vegetables, potatoes, onions and tomatoes.