Thursday, June 18, 2020

Intelligence agency warns government over use of 52 Chinese mobile apps, see full list

Indian security agencies have advised the government to block 52 mobile apps linked to China or inform people not to use them, as they are not safe to use.

 These apps are sending data on a large scale outside India.  The list of mobile applications sent to the government by the security agency includes applications like Zoom, TikiTalk, UC Browser, Xander, Share It and CleanMaster.

 A senior central government official said the proposal, made by intelligence agencies, was also supported by the National Security Council, which believed the applications could pose a threat to India's security.

In April this year, the Home Ministry advised the use of Zoom.  The ministry issued the advisory on the proposal of the National Cyber ​​Security Agency Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-IN).  The government is not the first country to ban the use of the Zoom app.

 Earlier, Taiwan also banned government agencies from using the Zoom app.  Germany and the United States have done the same.  The company responded to the Home Ministry's advice and said it was serious about protecting users.

 Western security agencies have expressed similar concerns about hardware and software associated with China.  One argument is also made that in a state of war, communication services could be damaged by them.



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