Saturday, February 20, 2021


Foundation Stone: Introduction of Naranbhai Desai Rs.  Four lakh were sanctioned.  The names of Jesse Naranbhai Desai are well known as Jukeshan Trust, Janaki Vallabh Trust and Padra.  Most of the teachers of the state, with the full cooperation of their municipality, formed a model organization with sixteen rooms and a remarkably modern primary mixed school in the field of education. 

 Familiar with the operation.  On 8/6/1990, with the help of the then Chief Minister Lok Sabha, he kept his fellow teachers with him.  With the blessings of Chimanbhai Patel, this school has been handed over to the office, Jajru-Mutardi, Samiti in District Education Padranagar in the last one decade.  Karel Desai has ten teachers and 547 children.

This matter created with the cooperation of the people is the responsibility of this school of 1st to 5th standard for all in the state.  12 is going to be inspiring.  G / 90 - Assumed from the new school term.  Other physical facilities of primary school for the children of Navapura area of   Padranagar were shifted to Zanda Bazaar or station area which is far away for public education.

Sixteen ceilings had to go from the youth congregation of the area.  So four fans and sixteen tubelights were found in the Padra Navapura area.  Bedding was arranged.  Mr. P.  P.  Thakkar from Shroff's firm, Mr. Jayantibhai m.  Shah, Shri Chimanbhai Patel found educational tools like science tools, chas, maps.  (Daji), Shri Arvindbhai b.  Young people like Thakkar thought.


The Padra Retail Vegetable Society donated 20 gifts of 'Padra Jesse Education Trust' as part of the Rs.  Late.  Motilal Bhagwandas Charity Trust was formed.  Coincidentally, in this era, Table No. 1 worth Rs.  The family of Motilal Bhagwandas Thakkar is given prizes every year.  In addition, there were musical instruments. 


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