As soon as the battery of the phone runs out, make some changes in the settings of the smartphone today

Older phones tend to have worse batteries, and have a lot of trouble using them. Work often stops because the phone's battery runs out quickly, but there's no need to worry because your phone's battery often drains due to a number of errors. So let us know which setting you can change to save the battery from running out soon.

To do this, first go to Phone settings. You will then see the battery option. This option is different in every phone. But it may be that many additional settings are present in your phone. In this you can select the option of Battery Saver, which will close the app running in the background.

Location and GPS tracking must be turned off

Location like Bluetooth and GPS tracking and keep Wifi off when not needed. When GPS tracking is on, it constantly sends radiation web to the satellite, which drains the battery quickly.

Make changes to the wallpaper

One more trick that can be adopted is the wallpaper of the phone. Try to keep the wallpaper of the phone in black color, this will make the battery of the phone last longer.

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